Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photoshop Brush Set and Photoshop Swatches

I have got some questions recently about what kind of brushes I use and I thought the best is to share my brush set and my swatches for Photoshop.
I am always changing and customizing my brushes during the work depending on the result what I would like to achieve (I even creating some brand new brushes for most my illustrations hahah...). The set contains about 60% of collected brushes from all sort of digital artists from the web and about 40% of my custom created and modified brushes.
You can find the brush set at the sidebar under Downloads from know on and download the original version of the swatches I use from Sketchling at CGHub > HERE < .
Hope you can use at least some of them! :)


Balazs said...

Awesome gifts from you Mark.
Koszi and cheers Bro,

Matthew Scheuerman said...

Thanks alot Mo! Can't wait to test them. Will download tonight.

Edward Foster said...

Thanks so much! I recently lost all my brushes in a HD failure and this is a godsend to projects that need to be done asap!

Mark Molnar said...

Great to hear that! I hope you can use at least some of them.

Filip said...

Thanks a bunch, Mark! I'd downloaded your brushes before but only actually started using them today. I tend to normally just use hard round and one textured for most but, man! does this set makes a difference to speed or what?!:)
If you have a moment, please, check the sketch I did in around an hour with them. All credit due, of course:)
I look up to you, man! Great artist you are, sir!

Mark Molnar said...

Hey Filip,

Thanks for all the kind words and I am really happy you can use this set.
I am also mainly using hard and soft round, chalk and some basic custom brushed in most of my works, but its always good to have a bit of change sometimes. :)

Great little sketch btw.

Filip said...

Thank you, appreciate it! And yeah - nothing better than a change, every now and again. Cheers, Mark!

Pastan said...

Hi Mark,

Thanx for sharing.
Just a question about the color swatches; where do I download them? I can only see the brush set under Downloads.


Mark Molnar said...

Hey Peter,
I removed the swatches from my downloads, because it was only a slightly modified version of a swatches palette I downloaded from CGHub. I added a link to the original post, where you can download the file.

Sebastian Barales said...

Hello Mark, looks like CGHub is down, is there another place where i can download ur swatches?


Katie Schuler said...

When I load the swatch, it doesn't display in a radial design, any idea how to fix that?