Saturday, March 28, 2009

Artorder Concept Sketch: Construct

> Its not an unusual thing to hear weird noises after a great battle before dawn. Its almost like the loud hammering of the goblin factories, what you can hear even from miles away.
The survivors are hiding into their small military tents these times and just waiting quietly.
`That is the way of life. Let the construct bring what belongs to him...` - used to say the older soldiers. <
I`ve wanted to create a more abstract image this time, so I worked digitally. Alchemy used for the basic sketch to get some random shapes. After that I worked with Artrage and Photoshop to achieve the final image. About 2 hours from scratch >>>

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Matthew Scheuerman said...

Really awesome. This is a big improvement and it looks like you're taking things in awesome directions. Keep up the good work.