Friday, July 22, 2016

Star Wars - Spark of Rebellion

Illustration done for the latest deluxe expansion of the Star wars LCG: Galactic Ambitions...
Spark of Rebellion
Star Wars LCG - Galactic Ambitions
2015-2016 © & TM LucasFilm Ltd. / Fantasy Flight Games

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I really love your artwork and this absolutely my favorite peace, the atmosphere is so incredibly beautiful and the ship looks like it's just waiting there for someone to finally find it. I ended up tracking you down and your blog because I received an x-wing card with this image that was vertically extended to include even more of those beautiful clouds and I was wondering if maybe you have a high quality version of that artwork with the extended sky? Here's a link for reference:

Anyway, thanks for your amazing contributions to the science fiction genre!!