Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Announcing Stretch Goal 15K!

As we passed our first stretch goal this morning, its time to announce our next one!
In case we reach the 15k mark, I will do two 3 hours long super special LIVE sessions exclusively for pledgers and you can choose what you would like to see!
Pick your two favourite from the following topics!
- Environment Design for Movies and Games (Interior, 3d/2d)
- Environment Design for Movies and Games (Exterior or Landscape, 3d/2d)
- Environment Lighting Design (2d)
- Matte Painting Basics (2d)
- Character Design - Designing Personality (Portrait, 3d/2d)
- Character Illustration in Dynamic Pose (2d)
- Full-body Character / Costume Design for Movies and Games (2d)
- Stylised Character Design (2d)
- Creature Design - Designing Personality (Portrait, 3d/2d)
- Fantasy Creature Design (3d/2d)
- Scifi Creature Design (3d/2d)
- Stylised Creature Design (2d)
(Voting poll will appear soon on Facebook and ITS ART)
You did not pledge yet, but would like to get your hands on the book? You only have three days till the end of the campaign, so be quick! ;) > Behind the Pixels <

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