Sunday, May 18, 2014

Virtual Plein Air - Bagh Caves

Virtual plein air painting between Sunday jobs, based on google street view image. It was great fun, but damn, I am rusty as f*ck... :D Next one gonna be better! Now back to work!


Mihai Zainea said...

I wish to be rusty as you!!! At the first sight, before enlarging the pic, I thought it was a photo!
Can I have a question, if you don't mind?! What is more important in this domain of art -digital or not- and also in order to raise the needed skills: talent or hard work?

Mark Molnar said...

Thanks mate!
The answer is a bit tricky... You definitely need a bit of talent, but honestly I dont really believe in talent like the oldschool term. I think talent is more affinity or interest in certain things. If you have more interest in something, you would naturally dedicate more time for that... But the main thing is the hard work, without that any talent is worthless.
I think I would say 1% talent and 99% dedicated hard work. :)

Mihai Zainea said...

Thank you!