Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pathfinder: Hezru

This was a really fun piece to paint, done for the Demons Revisited campaign setting for Pathfinder...
Pathfinder: Demons Revisited
2013 © Paizo Publishing LLC


Unknown said...

They call it "Hezru" - the Prince of Marshes. Terrible creature with foul breath of rotten eggs, it's body covered by decomposing plants and animals that found their death in the quagmire.

Reflecting back, it might have been a mistake stealing that girl from the tribe's leader.. Well, it was fun while it lasted..

Unknown said...

I like this one very much! The atmosphere of the marches with the mist and light is just perfect!

I also like the way you separated the tribesmen from that soon-to-be-dead guy and the Creature by making them "monochromatic" - sorry I don't know the proper artistic term for that :D

Mark Molnar said...

I am glad you like it! And I love your little story!
Are you doing any writing btw? I can totally imagine your stories for one of the fantasy rpg-s... :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Mark, it's a nice compliment :) but no, I'm not doing any writing other than this. I like doing it cos' it starts up my "creative" brain much like your speedpaintings do for you :)

But most of all I enjoy doing it! :D