Thursday, December 12, 2013

House of the Old Witch - Color Variations

Done as a quick demo for my students to show how you can achieve different moods from the same concept with simply altering the color palette of the piece. (open in new tab for full res)


Sam said...

i wish i was one of your students;-;
love the color and mood the bottom one looks so great <3

Unknown said...

I agree with Sam there!

3 entirely different moods -> 3 different stories yet the same painting. Beautiful!

BTW Mark, what's the deal with the guy with fishing rod? It's kinda reoccurring theme in your paintings I noticed. Are you angler yourself? ;)

Mark Molnar said...

Thank you Sam and Unknown(?) !
No reason for the fishing rod guy btw, just a concept art cliche for putting a placeholder character into your environment designs...