Friday, November 22, 2013

Warhammer Fantasy - Brave Volunteers

Another Warhammer art from my archives, it was done for a card, so thats why the characters are more rough and contrasty than on my usual pieces...
Brave Volunteers
Warhammer: Cataclysm
2012-2013 © Games Workshop / Fantasy Flight Games


Mihai Zainea said...

Niice! Moody!

Unknown said...

Very nice, I wonder what's the story in this picture. Rogues trying to infiltrate a ghost ship perhaps..

Mark Molnar said...

@mihai: cheers buddy!

@mr. unknown: thanks! yeah, thats pretty much the story, some elf volunteers trying to set the enemy dark elf`s ships in fire... :)

Unknown said...

Oh yes! That would explain the torches - silly me! ;)

PS: How do you know I'm not a Miss. Unknown? What a prejudice against female appreciators of your art Mark! ;)