Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Star Wars - Strafing Run

Yeah, I am still alive, just was in Portugal at the super awesome Trojan Unicorn fest.... Here is one of the first interior illo I have done for the Star Wars rpg to get the blog going again. Expect more goodies in the upcoming days, as I just received a bunch of Star Wars and Warhammer contributor copies recently, what means I can finally post the artworks I have done for them... :)
Strafing Run
Star Wars - Edge of the Empire
2012-2013 © LucasFilm Ltd. / Fantasy Flight Games


Mihai Zainea said...

Welcome back! :) Nice one! Lots of talented people at the fest... I envy you :)

Mark Molnar said...

Thanks! Yeah, it was a blast! You should come next year man. :)