Thursday, May 16, 2013

Mega Brush Pack 2013

Lots of people keep asking me about my brushes, so here comes the set what I am currently using for all my professional and personal works. Sometimes I create new brushes for specific projects / purposes, but this set covers about 95% of my needs atm. Most of the brushes are downloaded from the great interwebs and modified to my own taste and some of them are created by me.

You are going to find loooooots of brushes in this set, but to be honest I am using about 4 or 5 of them only in 98% of my process. All the rest is for specific purposes, but I like to keep them there just in case and because I am sick of loading in specific sets, if I need that one frakin brush just for one stroke.

What you have to keep in mind is the brushes are slowing down your Photoshop (it gets into the cache probaly or something), so if you don`t have enough ram (it gets fine above 16gigs) the best is if you try them out and keep only the ones you really like.

Have fun! :)

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Mihai Zainea said...

Thank you for sharing! I'll give'm a try but, most of the time I use the default one, don't know if is good or bad habit, but I'm an amateur not a pro artist!

Pauline Mop' Sanchez said...

Thank you a lot for sharing!
I hope to do some cool stuff with this new brushes!

Bea P. said...

It's nice to see a great artist like you sharing some of his magic!thank you!

Andrew said...

Massive help. Really appreciated.