Friday, October 26, 2012

Student Work

I never really post the work of my students, but this time I asked permission from one of the guys from the last group. I just finished teaching the course yesterday and Peter brought in two of his works just to show me how his artistic approach changed during my course and to say `thanks`. As a tutor / teacher the best thing is to see the improvement in the student works as a result... :_)
The artwork shows the same character, he has created the first design just before my course in April and the second one a couple of weeks ago at the end of the course...
 To see more artworks from Peter, make sure you check out his BLOG and his PORTFOLIO (under construction).


PeterPrime said...

Thank you kindly for sharing my work on your blog, mr teacher! : )

It was an honor, really.

Also, many thanks for the links to my sites!

Mark Molnar said...

Mr Teacher? Seriously? Com`on man...
I hope you guys learned something useful during the course - looking forward to see more awesome works from you!
Keep in touch! :)

PeterPrime said...

Hahaha, sorry I couldn't help it!
Well, I learned quite a lot, so it was well worth it.
Likewise, mark!
And of course! ;)