Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ShadowRun - Behemoth Hover Tank

I have done a bunch of small vehicle designs and illos for the new ShadowRun Runners Black Book 2075 and as this one is featured on the cover of the book, what is already published a couple weeks back, I think I can share it here as well.
Beside creating illos about currently existing vehicles and designing new ones, in this case I had to stick to the original design of the tank (from an early ShadowRun book) pretty close, but tried my best to give it a bit more modern look.


Mr. Harold said...

That looks awesome. I love Shadowrun, I'll have to pick up the books at least just for the illustrations.

Liack said...

4 double guns turrets and a main cannon? that is meeeaaaan!!!

Mark Molnar said...

Thanks guys! I am glad you dig it.
More ShadowRun stuff is coming as soon as I get the green light from the publishers. :)