Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Frank Herbert`s Dune - Speedpaintings / Arrakis at Night

I wanted to experiment more with night scenes and find a suitable color palette.
You can find all the previous concepts related to Dune by clicking the `Dune Project` label below the post...
Btw I just found out that some of my previous Dune artworks are featured at Tor.com! I am really honored to be there. :)
Arrakis Slums
After the Crash Landing
Harkonnen Battle Droid


Klytus, I'm Bored said...

These are great representations of Arrakis and the characters.

Mark Molnar said...


Anonymous said...

please, please, i want to know - tell me what books i need to read to create CG like yours?

Mark Molnar said...

Hahaha! :D
Thats a good question, as its hard to learn drawing and painting from books.
Start with the foundation of art, like perspective, composition, color theory, etc. and draw / paint as much as you can. :)

Maski said...

There can be no droid in Dune. there is prohibition on thinking machines in Dune universe.

Mark Molnar said...

I know that that AI is prohibited in this universe and I think wording is misleading, because I wanted to create more a walker tank type thing... it was just hard to come up with the right naming.
Beside that I must say that all my Dune artworks are only inspired by the world of Dune and not meant to be illustrate any of the books.