Friday, March 2, 2012

Mad Mechs - sketches

More mecha sketches with good ol pencils and stuff. The first is on tracing paper and its a cleaned up design of a previous rough sketch. The second one is a rough idea about how this dude could look like standing in  its service bay. The next step is cleaning up and putting together the two ideas, tight line drawing and value block-in with markers.


Anonymous said...

Really cool sketches Dude! I love these vektor-sztiló stuff from you.
Cheers B and have sunlight all the time!

GA said...

Pretty neat. Do you use a ruler at all or just eye the lines/perspective?

Mark Molnar said...

Thanks B!

@GA: Thank you! Used rulers only for the first, strictly no freestyle lines. :D The second one is the complete opposite, rough freehand sketch.