Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mad Mechs - final concept

I am still not 100%ly happy with this one, so I might gonna back to it with a fresh eye next week...
I could use some constructive crits / comments. :)


Matt Hancox said...

Hi Mark, as you asked :) I think you could crop vertically and widen the image to a larger landscape? Could give you the possibility to show more of the production line of the mechs? Looks great though, hope any of this was useful

Mark Molnar said...

Thanks Matt! Yeah, cropping vertically could be good idea. I am not sure I want to extend the image further though, the image is mainly about the mech standing in the middle - the rest is just `background`.
I will definitely try to play around with the composition / aspect ratio a bit more.

drawingcode said...

Hi Mark

If you don't mind I'll add my suggestions:

- Even though there are some workers the scene looks pretty static, maybe some sparks could solve that problem

- The man infront (with the plan) is somewhat disconnected, as he looks away from the mechs.

- There is almost no change in the readability between the two mechs, this makes the whole scene look a bit flat. I would recommend to exaggerate the lighting and depth a bit more.

- There is a lot of sand/dust flying around, this makes it a bit hard to focus. Also this makes the sky in the background more prominent...

But dispite that it's already pretty cool!!!!


Mark Molnar said...

Hey man,

Yeah, I will definitely add more sparks and effects and also fix the lighting on the main mech.
Using the sand clouds were absolutely intentional, because I wanted to drive the focus more towards the center. I might have to those stronger actually...
Cheers for the comments!