Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dragon Warrior - Digi Sketch

I really rarely do linework based digital sketches as I prefer more the patchy speedpaint stuff, where you are building up silhouettes. After watching the last episode of Feng Zhu`s Design Cinema in my lunchbreak today, I tought to give it a try after years. Superquick line sketch and just a hint of underpainting to give it some color... :)


Ivan said...

Really awesome. I would love to see it without the color.

drawingcode said...

Haha, this stuff is amazing, I also watch every episode of feng's great tutorial series!! After the creature sketch episode, i started blending together many differend animals into one ... quite fun!


Mark Molnar said...

Thanks folks!
Yeah, Feng`s vids are absolutely great. Wish I have more time to experiment with various techniques. :)