Monday, May 23, 2011

Missing Sketches (No.862-875)

Field Droid
Crypt Guard
Octopus King
Bug Droid
Mr. Monday
Alien Fleet Commander
Wohooo! Longest gap in my daily sketch thingy... actually longest gap in posting my daily weirdness. I was totally snowed under with other stuff, but here comes all my lunchtime doodles in one big pack from the past two weeks! Yay!


maledictus said...

Really cool sketches!

Ivan said...

I was waiting until I got my fix of lunchtime doodles and this post made me ecstatic.
I always love your robots. I have a hard time with humans and humanoid characters and expend a great deal of energy practicing. Add to that the fact that I find robots hard as well and I'm drooling over your two droid sketches.
The King Octopus seems like it could be a Magic Card. Well, these could all be developed into cards but King Octo makes me thing of a meager blue creature.
Finally, the Steamship reminds me of a picture I sketched right out of a magazine. I think it was Imagine FX magazine and it was a digital work. I sketched it because I thought it was cool to see a tugboat-like steampunk airship. Were you the one that made that piece?

Mark Molnar said...

Maledictus: Thanks!

Ivan: Thank you! I am glad you like them. :)
Nope, it wasn`t me in ImagineFx, but I know who is the guy you are talking about - I am just terrible with names hahaha...

Ivan said...

I love these lunchtime doodles. I look forward to them everytime I see a new one uploaded.