Friday, May 20, 2011

Concept Ideation - Character Silhouettes

Class demo from yesterday about the importance of silhouettes and quick idea generation with thumbnails.
Quick character roughs based on four chose thumbnails
Character thumbnail sketches


Ivan said...

Another thumbnail to concept post, I love it. I don't have a tablet so I do all my drawing on paper and when I see how easy it is to add highlights and re-size images I get jealous. I'm saving up but for now it's just paper and pencil for me.

Mark Molnar said...

Do not worry about working with pencil Ivan. If you can do kickass stuff with pencils, you won`t fail in any other medium. The solid foundation of drawing is the key to everything.

Ivan said...

Yeah, that's what I hear. I wouldn't believe it but I have a lot of sketchbooks filled to the brim and it's so satisfying to look back and be able to track your progress.