Thursday, December 23, 2010

Eclipse Phase - Gatecrashing

I just got the news from Posthuman Studios that the new Eclipse Phase book is out on the big interwebs. This means I can share the illustrations what I have done for the book. <:)

If you like scifi rpg-s, this is a must have. Gatecrashing is available in two versions: the regular pdf version is $10, 200 pages, full-color, and has a ton of bookmarks and internal hyperlinks. The Gatecrashing Hack Pack includes that pdf, as well as Photoshop files for many of the pieces of art in the book, as well as some other construction files. It's $15.
Beside my illos it includes artworks from other much more awesome artists, like: Stephan Martiniere, Rich Anderson, Noah Bradley, Leanne Buckley, Saul Espinosa, Tom Garden, Zachary Graves, Tariq Hassan, Thomas Jung, Andrew McIntosh, Aaron Miller, Will Nichols, Lorenz Ruwwe, Mike Sass, Jonas Springborg, James Wolf Strehle, Bruno Werneck, Joe Wilson, Mark Winters.

Till the street release you can purchase the book at DriveThruRpg and feel free to visit the Eclipse Phase site for more info.

So here is one illo (click for full size), what is also included in the promotion pdf-s of the book.
Stay tuned, more to come soon! ;)


MuYoung Kim said...

Very cool, Mark (no pun intended...I swear :) Scifi continues to be a good fit for the labyrinth twists of your mind


Happy Holidays!

Mark Molnar said...

Hah! Thanks man! You gotta love scifi stuff mate. ;)