Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Sketches

Hohohooo! I am still alive! I just came back from my holiday (first one in 4 years!) and I am back on track. I spent one whole week without doing any work or even checking out stuff on the big interwebs and I have to tell you it was awesome. Yeah folks, termal bath, sauna, incredible food, mulled wine, loads of sleep and tons of B movies hahaha... :D
Although I haven`t had any of my tech stuff with me, I had my good old sketchbook and pencil, so here comes a little pack of sketches about the iconic figures of Christmas - with a tiny twist.
Lunchtime doodles 727-733 - Hope you dig! ;)

Rudolph the Alien Reindeer
Krampus Ranger
Christmas Elf
Steampunk Santa
Frosty the Undead Snowman
Jack Frost the Ice Mage
Christmas Tree Ent

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