Saturday, October 16, 2010

Crypt - Environment Mood Concept Art

I made this environment design for the same test as the creature design posted yesterday. I thought I share this one as well.
Thumbnail sketches
 Final mood concept


Tyree Giles said...

Hey, I'm a student and I'm looking around for some concept pieces, can I use your concept as the basis for a 3D model? I will make sure to give you credit for the concept. Have a great day. - T. Giles

Mark Molnar said...

Hey Tyree,
Feel free to use the concept as a reference for your model.

Brian K said...

Hi i was wondering if i can use your concept for my 3D Environment Model.
i am a student, and i will make sure to give you credit for it. Have a good one.

Mark Molnar said...

Hi Brian,
You have my permission to use my concept for your model.