Friday, May 7, 2010

Skullcave - final?

I had some time today to work on this old personal piece. I think I call it final for now, but I am pretty sure I will go back to it later, as something is still missing.
Hope you like it and feel free to drop any crits or comments!


MuYoung Kim said...

Whew, finally had a chance to take a gander, and I must say I like what I see. Mr. Spiky is of particular favor in my court :D

Now, as for possible suggestions, I think one thing that would help would be to add more atmospheric hazing to the torchlit area. This would help knock back the, um, background and help reinforce the sense of perspective.

Also, it's very clear that Spiky is the star of this story, so upping the brightness on the lighting on it and sizing it up to take up more of the visual space would accentuate this fact.

Or something like that...

Hope this helps!

Mark Molnar said...

Hey mate! Thanks for all the valuable comments and you are absolutely right with everything.
Its a bit hard to find the time, but I will post the next version as soon as I can.

ChaosInColor said...

Your sketches are good, but I really like the drama in this one.

Mark Molnar said...

ChaosInColor: Thank you! Unfortunately I havent got much time to work on my personal illustrations.