Thursday, April 8, 2010

2D Artist Magazine Feature - Sketchbook Article

I was honored to do an article in this month issue of the awesome 2D Artist Magazine about my sketching methods. I tried to cover different areas of sketching from the basic pencil works till the digital speedpainting. I am also talking about the importance of life drawing, the way of building a rich visual library and methods of sketching in a production environment.
Beside my article there are tons of other goodies in the issue, so make sure you check it out!


Purdy said...

Fantastic stuff Mark, well done mate :)

Benjie said...

wow nice man!, congrats :)

Mark Molnar said...

Purdy: Thanks a lot man, good to see you around! :)

Benjie: Thanks! Haven`t heard about you for while. Hows things man?

JG O'Donoghue said...

Well done mark, you getting the attention you deserve :)