Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Character Development Tutorial - Part 04 (Detailing) Video

I just finished recording the voiceover and editing the video, so here it is!
In this part I tried to focus on defining the props, accessories, the main focal points and pushed the background a bit further.
I hope you could learn something from this and don`t forget to leave comments about what you would like to see in the next part of the tutorial.
(You can check the image in yesterday`s post HERE)
For the full size video right click on the video below and watch it on Vimeo!

I just got an email from the awesome artist Thomas James, who is the creator of Escape From Illustration Island blog about my character tutorial series are featured in the EFII tutorials.
Its a real honor for me to be there and I just wanted to say Thanks! again for Thomas.
Make sure you check out the EFII blog - its a great source for everything illustration related.

and here is the video:


Pappito said...

that was amasing!

A bit long for my daugter, no worries!

mo said...

Pappito: cheers bro! ;)

Wolkenfels said...

Enjoyed the video - especially the part where you were refining the face because i could catch some of the details you were doing there.
Great series - i really like it.