Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Character Development Tutorial - Part 03 (Color rough) Video

I just finished editing the video of the character design tutorial.
In this third step I wanted to focus on the overall feel of the illustration and tried to establish the main design characteristics of the figure.
I hope you could learn something from this and don`t forget to leave comments about what you would like to see in the next part of the tutorial.
(You can check the image in yesterday`s post HERE)
For the full size video right click on the video below and watch it on Vimeo!


Benjie said...

Hey love the new look of the blog man! and congrats on the feature in 2d Magazine. The character development vids are real sweet, its cool to see your process and all that. I got nothing but complements :D

Arnd said...

Great video!
I like the way the character goes. Good choice to give him some eyes and i admire the ease you add a believable background.

mo said...

Benjie: thanks and thanks and thanks! :D I am really happy you like the new look and the vids.

Arnd: cheers man! I am happy with it so far, but still a long way to go. :)

Marc Scheff said...

Hey Mark,

Looks great man. These vids are hard to put together for sure.

My only comment is that this seems to go beyond "color rough." Maybe change the title to "rough environment and modeling" or something. I was confused because it already looked roughed out to me when you started! Ha.

mo said...

Marc Scheff: hey man! thanks for dropping by and I am glad you like it!

I just named it `color rough`, because I established the main color scheme at this step. Its hard to name your working steps, cause its usually different in every work what I get.

Jay Zuck said...

Your vid was very instructive and it was cool to see your process putting the character and the environment together. It does remind me that I need to practice my speed painting and yours was a good frame of reference.

mo said...

Jay Zuck: thanks man! I am very happy you find it useful for your work.
Stay tuned as the next part of the series is coming soon!