Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Character Development Tutorial - Part 02 (Rough sketches)

I just finished part 02 of the tutorial where I developed further the thumbnails you guys have chosen. I still trying to figure out how to upload it to my youtube account (if anyone could help how to upload a 20mins video, I would really appreciate it), but till that I created a vimeo account and you can watch it there.
For full resolution right click on the video and watch it on Vimeo!

Now you can vote which character would you like to see in part 03, where I will move to detailing and adding colors.

I hope you could learn something from this and any comments and crits are more than welcome!

The final image after part 02:
And the tutorial video:

Character Development Tutorial - Part 02 (Rough sketches) from Mark Molnar on Vimeo.


Nezumi said...

For me its number 3. Keep it up man, looks really good.

mo said...

Nezumi: thanks for the support! :)

Arnd said...

Great Video - thanks for sharing.
I really was going for pose 2 and i think you did a great job on his face and hat. But i also have the feeling that the pose is too unbalanced now and he will fall down any second.
The pose of number 1 is a bit to simple for my taste and therefore i go for number 3.

MuYoung Kim said...

Thumbs waaay up, mate! For me, pose 3 works the best. It feels the most realized in terms of story, design, and character. Further, it, of the three, best showcases the character about to do something which tends to accentuate the impact. Lastly, I do think elements from the others can be incorporated, such as the paldron design of #1. One thing, though, to watch is 3's helmet design as it is all too easy for such to look like random Space Marine or Star Wars dude number whatever.

Wow...did I go on and on...sheesh!

mo said...

Arnd: Thanks for the crits and you are absolutely right with the balance of the 2nd.

Mu: Thanks for all the useful advice man! It seems no.3 will be the winner.

Logan said...

nice. really helpful with my char development. Numba 3! its lookin sweet!

mo said...

Logan: thanks man! its great you find it helpful!
as for your other comment: Alchemy is pure awesome man! unfortunately I haven`t got much time to mess around with it lately. I am also planning to do another tutorial about environment design, where I would like to include Alchemy into the workflow.
hope see you around!

Logan said...

awesome dude. am looking forward to it!