Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fantasy Dwarf - Speedpainting

Quick concept design demo about how to sketch up a classic fantasy character with focusing more on his personality and the general mood of the illustration. 60 mins from scratch >>>
the final illo:
and the progress video:


MuYoung Kim said...
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MuYoung Kim said...

This what I get for not editing my posts...anyhoo:

Have you considered desaturating the skin tone a bit and using less texture on the face? I think it would help the face to pop out more so and be a stronger focus.

mo said...

Actually I painted the face with more saturated colors to drive the focus there, but using less textures is definitely a good idea. It would make a nice contrast with the more grungy background.
Thanks for the useful tip Mu! :)

carlos said...

Wow you can paint alot in 60 minutes! I bet your arm nearly fell afterwards *~* Nice work!