Thursday, January 21, 2010

IPod Speedpainting - Young Thief

B&W speedpainting done on my ipod touch in the Brushes app. I tried out using a stylus, but I felt totally useless - somehow it works better with my ork finger hahah :D.
Its quite cool stuff for thumbnailing and I am trying to do a bit of practice on my values as well.

The `final` image:

and a short video about the process:


Purdy said...

How weird is that, a load of us were talking about these paintings apps today and I uploaded a video too. I can't seem to get yours to work though :(

mo said...

Purdy: Yeah man, it was quite funny to see all the discussions about the painting apps, just a day after I posted this... :)
I think the problem is I uploaded the video straight to blogger and sometimes it has problem with the buffering. It works for me at the moment...