Saturday, January 30, 2010

Inking on the beach

Today we went out to the closest beach for a bit of sunbathing and swimming. It was a great opportunity to make some really quick ink sketches.
People in the shadow >>>
Beached catamaran waiting for high-tide >>>Reefs at the south end of the beach >>>


Pappito said...

As I see, you were at Takapuna Beach, bro :)

Chad Weatherford said...

Awesome. These are great little sketches. Ever make your way as far as Mt. Maunganui?

mo said...

Pappito: This means the sketches aren`t that bad hah!
Yep, Takapuna Beach it is, mate. :)

Chad: Cheers! We`ll see, the summer is just started so you never know. I will definitely drop you an email, when I am heading that way. ;)
Btw if you are coming up to Auckland, would be cool to have beer... :)