Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cthulhu - The Awakening

I finally managed to finish this illustration between two freelance commissions. I am quite happy with it now - I hope you like it as well!
Any comments or crits are more than welcome as always!


Purdy said...

Oh damn yes!
That is superb! :D

Richard said...

Thats pretty nice, kinda reminds me of Alan Lee. The "skin" on it is cool, going away from the usual green reptile look I see on this character. :D

Trashy said...

Ah cool man this came out great! Honestly I like the fact that his color scheme is more close to those rocks formations. Green is cool and all but it's done all the time.

mo said...

Scott: thanks man! means a lot from you! :)

Richard: oh, Alan Lee! I am absolutely honored you say this! thanks!

Sean: thank you! yeah, thats what I wanted to achieve actually - to make his skin looks like similar to stone and the rocks in his environment. I imagined that in the ancient times he lived in the ocean, but back then oceans covered these mountains... :)

Anonymous said...


Is this design aimed at any specific upcoming game by any chance ?

Dont suppose you work for Funcom do you ? :)

Ive checked all your images on your site and you defonately have skill !

mo said...

Anonymus: I am working for a game company in Auckland (NZ) and doing freelance work for international clients. I haven`t done anything for Funcom, but it would be great to work for them - great company with awesome IPs. :)

I am happy you like my works on my site, but they are quite old. Unfortunately most of my works are still under NDAs from the past 2-3 years.

Hope see you around!