Saturday, December 19, 2009

Viratia Album Comic Cover

This year I had the opportunity to work on an awesome and unique comic project with Frank Klepacki. I was really excited even before I started the project, as Frank was the guy behind the soundtrack of most of my favorite games from my childhood. He was the man, who composed the award winning music of the Command&Conquer and Dune series, just to name a few.
We created a complete full color comic for his next concept solo album, Viratia, what is available now for preorder. Make sure you check out his website and I highly recommend to buy this album, if you like his music. >>> <<<
Unfortunately I am not able to show the whole comic yet, but till the NDA clears out here is a little sneak peak with the cover artwork. Hope you like!


Damion009 said...

this is outstanding!!!

Cacodaemonia said...

That looks gorgeous! :)

mo said...

Damion009, Cacodaemonia: Cheers! I am glad you like!