Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lunchtime doodle 368 - Brain Eater


Ben said...

hey mark, just thought i would quickly stalk you to see what you've been up to! really like the album cover you did by the way, that was intense can't wait to see more.

the only thing i could say about these drawings your doin is to treat each one like a study maybe.... so for one focus on anatomy, another could be a drapery or metal study. they look awesome already but perhaps you could learn a little more by doing that :)

keep at it man, your determination is crazy!

mo said...

Hey Ben, thanks for dropping by! :)
I am happy you like the cover and I hope I can show the rest of the comic soon (the inner pages are in a different and more graphical style though).

Actually I really feel I would need to do more studies again. The summer is here, so I hope I gonna have some time to go out painting / sketching in the city - its just much better to do studies from life man. ;)
Btw I am doing these sketches just for fun and I don`t even really thinking about what I am doing. I mean I just start with couple of loose lines and then something just comes out hahah.
Usually I have to do lots of sketches / studies for my real work stuff, so I would rather stick to this `freestyle` thing in case of these doodles. :)

C.R. MacTernan said...

hahah! Same here as Ben. I hopped over here to catch up on you and OMG!!! You are progressing by leaps and bounds. You have a lot of solid and stunning pieces in here. You have been busy man. I feel like I have already posted this somewhere or told you all this before, but maybe I just thought that I did last time I came in here, and got side tracked the way I so often do. At any rate, If I said it before I'm saying it again...Mo you have really pulled your art together. I can see you have been working hard. Much much kudos to you. Very inspiring.

mo said...

Wow! Thanks for all the compliments Christine - it really means a lot, especially from you (you know I am a big fan of your art sis ;) ).
So all-in-all this was the best (post)christmas present for me this year hahah :D
Hope see you around and have a Happy New Year!