Monday, November 16, 2009

Lunchtime doodle 325 - Mech Suit


Ben said...

hey!. haven't checked out your blog in awhile, your stuff is looking good, really like that "Lynx Elf" design you did.

also i saw that you did some Warhammer illustrations,for fantasy fight games! they look real sweet, how did you get the job?, did you just send them your portfolio?

mo said...

Hey, thanks for checking in Ben!
I am happy you like my new designs and the Warhammer stuff. I started to work with FFG about a year ago and yeah, it started with just dropping them a portfolio... I think I was just lucky. <:)
Take care!

Benjie said...

doing work for FFG seems like so much fun, how did you send them your portfolio? do you think you would be able to explain a little bit more on the job itself, what kind of work you had to do and so on?

sorry if I’m asking to many questions, I’m just really interested that’s all :)


mo said...

No worries buddy, but I would like to continue this discussion privately, if you don`t mind - you know my email. ;)