Monday, November 30, 2009

Cthulhu - The Awekening (wip)

I always wanted to make an epic piece about the god of monsters as I never seen any artwork about Cthulhu the way I imagine him. I started this illustration a while ago and its slowly getting there. Needs lot of detailing on the head, body and rocks still, but I am quite happy with the mood. The composition is highly inspired by Kekai Kotaki`s Snow Giant piece. Hope you like and any comments / crits / suggestions are more than welcome! :)


Purdy said...

Holymoly Batman!
THAT is fantastic! :)

Ben said...

hey nice one man looks real sweet, hope you get it finished!

mo said...

Purdy: Thanks! Means a lot from you buddy! :)

Ben: Cheers bro! I get snowed under again with freelance stuff, but I really want to push this further. See how it goes... :)