Sunday, May 31, 2009

Artorder Concept Sketch: Eladrin Character Sketch

Another week, another challenge at ArtOrder. This week`s subject was `Variations of a theme`, where you had to pick a race from the D&D world and design three variations of the same character. I picked the Eladrin and designed a female character with different experince levels: Apprentice, Mage and Archmage.
(I might push these further as it could be a nice portfolio piece with spending a bit more time with nailing out all the small details.)

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MuYoung Kim said...

Hi Mark!

Sorry about being such a stranger lately. Life's like that I guess. Anyhoo, nice piece. I particularly liked that you went with a level progression theme for your variation, and definitely hope to see this completed to portfolio level. One thing, though, is that I would watch out for those breasts (no pun there), especially the top where it connects below the collar bone. It needs to be a bit more concave.