Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sketchbomb v.70 - Droids

a different `speedpainting` method this time...
most of the times, when I have to achieve a photorealistic look quickly in case of a concept, I use loads of reference images. I am creating a proper perspective and collecting about 25-30 images from the net. I use mainly freesource texture sites like CgTextures or ImageAfter, because they have nice hi-res images and a huge library of all sort of things. after this first step I distort the images onto the perspective and make a bit of compositing in color and tone. then I am making a quick paintover on top to get exactly what I have in my mind and I am placing the `non-referencable` objects (like the robots in this case) into the environment. the final step is to strengthen the aerial perspective and get the lights and shadows right. the whole process is similar to matte painting, but the result is a more rough image and focused just on mood, composition and lighting. after I get to a stage like this (whole process was about 2 hours), starts the detailing phase, what is usually 5-6 hours to a nice concept or 40-50 hours to a cool matte finish)

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