Saturday, March 14, 2009

Artorder Concept Sketch: Garreths

Another week, another sketch for Jon Schindehette`s weekly sketch group (you can check his awesome blog HERE). This weeks theme was the Garreth, a race of tiny humanoids that populate the red dragon lairs.
The Garreths` life is mainly about the hard work around the red. They have to keep clean all of his gold and cave, even scratch his back with huge rocks when itchy. There is one thing what few people know: the Garreths are with the red, because they are addicted to worn and rusty human armors and weapons. These are worthless rubbish for the dragon, but a real treasure for these small critters.
When the big red sleeps, the Garreths collect the leftovers of the unlucky heroes and start to play...
original pencil sketch >>>
quick digital paintover >>>

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