Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mermaid queen - wip

A more detailed illustration after the first phase of the work... still loads of things to do on this one, but I thought I will post it...
Take care!


Nikolai H said...

Mark, saw this link to your blog over at the NZ thread at ConceptArt- really nice to see some non-work artwork!

Liked the mermaid in particular, how you've been inspired by crustaceans and various chitonous undersea creatures rather than more conventional fish. Clever use of the various anatomical details. Looking forwards to seeing more of the Dark-Lake artwork too.

Ciao, Nick (Bin-Star)

mark said...

hey nick!
yep - the mermaid queen is the main project at the moment, so I am very happy you like it. uploading a more detailed version soon... :-)

Just noticed you are blooging as well. Congrats for those personal concepts and models - really nice work!
>>> another url added to my link list... :-)

Seeya tomorrow!